Invest your Portfolio

After the upfront planning is done we can confidently invest your portfolio knowing it matches your risk tolerance and goals.

We strategically invest your portfolio using low-cost tax efficient mutual funds and ETFs. You will have access to all of your accounts in one place through our convenient client portal. We monitor and rebalance your portfolio as the markets change or if there is a change to your overall investment plan. 

Diversified Investing with Index Funds

By using index funds we are able to maximize your gains. Studies show that trying to time the market creates unnecessary costs through frequent trading and under-performance. Instead we build your investment portfolio with both US and International stocks, as well as high-grade bonds.

Strategic Tax Allocation & Tax Loss Harvesting

Different accounts have varying tax characteristics. This means we allocate different assets to each different account to take advantage of these tax characteristics. For example we hold tax-efficient stocks in a taxable account, and high-growth stocks in your tax-free accounts. Additionally, we can harvest certain losses in your portfolio improving your after-tax rate of return and saving you money.

No Commission - Ever

We are called Zero Commission Investing for a reason. The only fee you will ever pay is an asset management fee which is 1.5% down to 0.10% of the portfolio value. This ensures both our interests are aligned - growing your portfolio!

Hassle Free Investing

We do everything for you.  We create, implement, and monitor your portfolio. As the markets change or you investment plan changes we make those changes for you.  Saving you time, money, and ensuring you the best chance at meeting your goals.  With our academic approach to investing you can rest assured you are invested the right way.


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