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Our Mission is to make sure no one ever pays a commission again.


Zero Commission Investing offers investors a low-cost investment management solution.  We have a commitment to never charge a commission (Load).

Zero is the next generations investment advisory firm. Our fee is a small percentage of the assets we manage for you from 1.5% down to as low as 0.10%. This fee is all inclusive, meaning you will never be charged anything else for our professional portfolio management services.  This type of fee structure is simple, transparent and aligns your goals with ours - to grow your portfolio. We can manage individual brokerage accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), and can even help with your 401(k).  Additionally, if you need financial planning our affiliated financial planning company can help you with that as well.

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We are located in Plymouth Minnesota but can manage investment portfolios all around the United States.

Average Fund Fees

The industry average mutual fund annual expense ratio is 1.08%. The average fund we use is 0.19%. This cost savings can be significant over time.

Loads (Commissions)

Average stock fund loads are 5.75%. This is a charge just for buying the fund. These costs are completely unnecessary with today's investment options available. 


Zero is a Fiduciary which means by law we have do what is in your best interest. We work for YOU, not an investment company selling products.

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Zero Commission Investing is a unique investment advisory firm created with you in mind. If you have any questions, just let us know. We will be in touch very quickly. If you live in Minnesota and would like to schedule a meeting provide us a date and time that work best.

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